How to make her swoon this Valentine's Day!

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Can you believe it’s February already? It seems like only a week ago we were ringing in 2021 and wishing you a happy new year. February means we’re one step closer to Spring, but first, we get to celebrate our favorite of all holidays - Valentine’s Day!

As purveyors of jewelry, and particularly pearls, it should come as no surprise to our readers that everyone on the Stephanos team is a hopeless romantic. We absolutely adore the holiday of love, hearts, flowers and romance! To celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021, we thought we’d bring you something a little different. We are combining three gift suggestions with three experience suggestions. That’s because we believe magic moments that make memories are just as important as glamorous gifts. So we’re covering both!

Read on to discover what women really want this Valentine’s Day! 

Gift suggestion: Flowers! Now, before you groan that flowers are so cliche, bear with us for a moment. Flowers are cliche for a reason - they embody true romance! Think about it. They look beautiful, they smell beautiful, and they brighten any woman’s day. Pro tip: Don’t jump straight to roses. While they are the classic flower of romance, it’s important to find out your lady’s favourite flowers. Create a customized bouquet based on the blooms she loves the most, and you can’t lose. (For the record, we highly recommend Fairytale Flowers!)

Experience suggestion: Wine and chocolate by the sunset. Grab her favourite wine and chocolate (or any other of her favorite snacks), and head to the nearest beach to catch the sun going down. Add some music for ambiance, have some blankets on hand to keep cozy, and enjoy the beautiful colors as they paint the sky. How romantic! Pro tip: try to find a fairly isolated spot (it doesn’t have to be a beach, just somewhere with a great view), and don’t forget your masks and hand sanitizer (we know that’s not the most romantic thing, but hey, safety is sexy!)

Gift suggestion: Jewelry! You knew it was coming. How could we leave out of favorite thing? Why not opt for the timeless glamour of pearls this Valentine’s Day? They are sophisticated and beautiful and Stephanos pieces combine that classic vibe with a modern twist in our unique jewelry designs. From earnings and bracelets to necklaces, our stunning handcrafted pieces are sure to please any woman, as they fit in with any wardrobe with their versatile nature. We invite you to discover the diverse collection of jewelry on our website, and we are so confident that you will find the perfect gift for your sweetheart! Pro tip: If you’re not sure, ask her friends to help you choose the perfect piece! 

Experience suggestion: Movie night! It sounds simple, and that’s because it is! If you ask us, that’s what’s beautiful about it. Next year (we hope!) you’ll be able to go out and have a big night out on the town, but this year, why not have a marathon movie night that includes all her favourite films, plus some she hasn’t seen but wants to? Light some candles, order in (or make her favourite dinner if you’re feeling adventurous!), and snuggle under blankets for the perfect Valentine’s Day in. Pro tip: Have her make a list of all her favorite movies, plus ones she wants to see, so you can be prepared beforehand with the movies ready to go! 

Gift suggestion: Photo prints. Print out and frame your favourite photos together, from different times throughout your relationship, and surprise her by hanging them up or simply present them to her on a table. You won’t believe how much a simple, affordable gift like this will mean to her! If you have a good photo printer, you can do this at home. If not, there are plenty of places to get prints made. Do a simple google search to find the right place in your area! Pro tip: Make sure you the photos are the right resolution for printing so that you don’t end up with blurry, pixelated photos! 

Experience suggestion: Build a playlist together. Combine both of your favorite romantic songs, and songs that are meaningful to your relationship, to create an epic Valentine’s Day playlist! Make two separate playlists so that you can’t see each other’s picks, and merge them on V day to delight in the romantic pleasure of music together. Pro-tip: Make it a game - each time you both have the same song on your playlist, kiss! 

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day? Will you take any of our suggestions? 

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