A Classic June Bride

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Megan’s Royal wedding took place in Windsor Castle, England last year. A Cinderella story that every women in the world dreams of. I am sure It’s not just me who was glued to the TV screen for a gorgeous wedding, while preserving the tradition.

June is known as wedding month. “June Bride” derived from the guardian god “Juno” of marital life, which is originally from Roman mythology incorporating ancient Greek gods. It is believed that a happy marriage will continue with a wedding in June.

Did you know? The birthstone for June is a pearl. Pearl has a meaning such as “Pure”, “Innocence” and “Perfection”, and is also known as a symbol of love that attracts people you like. The beauty of pearls is timeless, shiny and always loved by the fashion industry’s trend setters.

Stephanos’ beautifully hand crafted pearl earrings and pearl necklaces make the set of perfect bridal jewelry gift. Pearls symbolize purity and loyalty of it’s wearer so it’s only natural to select these beautiful stones to accompany the most important day of your life. Stephanos Chick Sassy Baroque Pearl Triple Strand Short Necklace is a wonderful bridal jewelry piece. This gorgeous strand of pearls will have everyone gasping as you walk down the aisle to say “I do!

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