Amazonite Stone - Beautiful & Healing

Amazonite Stone Pearl Necklace

One of our favorite semi-precious stones, Amazonite.

For many years, the source of amazonite's color was mysterious. Some people assumed the color was due to copper because copper compounds often have green and blue colors. This mysterious color is mesmerizing and can be coupled with other stones to make beautiful jewelry pieces.

Amazonite has been used in jewelry-making and cut into beads since the time of the early Mesopotamian cultures. Amazonite also adorn shields of the semi-mythical Amazonians, a female tribe believed to have lived in the 10th Century B.C. Dating all the way back to ancient times, it’s vibrant blue-green hue was used to decorate the lavish tombs of Egypt.

The healing powers of Amazonite is wonderful. It is said to have powers to help physical ailments. Also it is said to block stress, dispels negative energy and assists in seeing a problem from another point of view. Considered a good luck stone, have it close by during a competition and game of chance.Maintaining good health in general, the Amazonite is a gorgeous stone that is featured in our jewelry. Also known as the “hope” stone, it has physical healing energy and aids in cell regeneration and healing after trauma. It’s emotional healing energy soothes trauma and calms the mind, alleviates anger and aggression. It redirects negative energy into more positive energy. Looking at an Amazonite stone can help sooth anxiety.

With it’s beautiful colors that resemble water, imagine it washing away negativity.
Stephanos handcrafted jewelry pieces are made with all this in mind. As we hand-select the semi-precious stones that are placed in each piece, we place much care and consideration into it’s use and healing power. We particularly love Amazonite stone because of it’s vibrant color and versatility. Pair with other stones, it always is a good match. Most semi-precious stones have some type of healing power and to be able to add them to our jewelry pieces is wonderful.

What is your experience with semi-precious stones? Tell us about your experience with stones and their healing powers.

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