Stephanos Tips for Layering Necklaces

How to Layer Necklaces

I am often asked by our clients about how to layer necklaces. It’s one of the many things about jewelry styling and fashion I love to talk about at Pop Up Shops and client meetings. Anytime there is an opportunity for me to layer necklaces, I do so. Why? Because it creates an elevated haute look with a few stunning pieces. And because it creates a wow effect! Just a few simple rules to layering necklaces, you too can create the look effortlessly.

Choose Three. Wear at least three necklaces at a time with varying lengths. Having clearly defined short, medium, and long necklaces will ensure your layered look is flawless.
Add length. Consider a lariat necklace to add length and depth. Our handcrafted (necklace) is perfect for this with an adjustable clasps and baroque pearl drop that dangles.
Add color. Pearls would be a wonderful addition to any layered looked. Stephanos has a handful of pearl necklaces in a variety of colors – silver, pink, and navy blue.
Be consistent. If you prefer silver, use all silver necklaces. If you prefer gold, use all gold necklaces. Keeping all necklaces one finish will keep your look polish, clean, and blended.

Start off slowly and begin with these tips. Have fun with it and get creative. Once you’ve mastered the art of layering necklaces, you can then start to experiment. Think about different thicknesses of chains, combining thicker and thinner, and even consider blending varying metals and shapes within your pieces. Here’s when you may feel more comfortable with using your chunkier and more sparkly pieces.
Wearing layered necklaces could be very versatile and fun. Your layered look can help you dress an outfit up or down, depending on the occasion. You can throw on a few casual pieces as you head out to Laguna Beach for the day. In the evening, switch out two of those three pieces to fancy up for dinner in downtown Laguna Beach. The possibilities are endless!

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