How to enjoy the remainder of the weirdest Summer ever!

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This unprecedented Summer has been like any other. Furthermore, the season has seemed to both drag on and fly by. We can’t believe it’s already August! While things seem to get weirder and scarier, there is still much to be thankful for and many ways to savor the rest of Summer 2020 while staying safe. Trust us, this wasn’t how we planned our Summer this year either, but Stephanos is all about flow and positivity, and we know that there is so much healing power in finding the good within any situation. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for how to make the most of the weirdest Summer ever, with love from us to you!

  • Take a road trip with no destination. Pack up some snacks and drinks, hop in the car, and just drive. Explore the scenery nearby, or take to the highway and drive somewhere you’ve never been. Sometimes planning is the best route, but there’s something magical about impulsivity especially in these uncertain times where being impulsive isn’t something we really get to do much of. Remember your mask and hand sanitizer, make little to no stops, and roll those windows down to feel the breeze in your hair. It’s bound to refresh your body and soul and make you feel alive.

  • Camp out in the yard. Got a tent and a backyard? Have an overnight campout! Set up your tent, do some stargazing, and get in touch with nature without leaving your own backyard. Feel the ground beneath your feet, listen to the sounds of the local birds and crickets, and enjoy sleeping outside. Don’t forget your sleeping bag and bug spray!

  • Have a movie night in. Have each person in your household pick a movie, pop some popcorn, and indulge in a good old fashioned movie night. You could take it one step further by making it a theme night (80’s movies, etc.), and even dress up accordingly. How fun!

  • Start a garden. Plenty of plants can be planted in late Summer (broccoli, marigolds, and snapdragons are just a few), and what better way to honour the season than to nurture and cultivate your very own garden. Eating from your own backyard, and picking flowers you grew yourself is a very rewarding feeling, and caring for plants is excellent for your mind, body, and soul - not to mention the extra fresh air you’ll get!

  • Have a (social distancing) game day! Select a few friends or family in your bubble, meet up at a big, open outdoor space that isn’t too populated, and play games that don’t require close contact! “TODAYpublished this wonderful list of outdoor games that can be played while social distancing, and we love it! 

  • Have a spa day at home. You can buy or make your own face masks, hair treatments, give yourself a foot bath, and engage in some pampering mani/pedis. Whether you do this alone or with a trusted friend or house member, treating yourself like a queen and taking care of your skin is definitely a wonderful way to pass the time!

  • Make a reading list and read from it outside. This Summer is the perfect time to catch up on reading. Whether it's romance, true crime, fantasy, or anything in between, reading is excellent for your mind and your memory, and is such a nice change from television and social media. Give your brain a break from screens by collecting some books, sitting under a willow tree, and devoting some time to consuming a good old fashioned book. 

  • Create your own drink night! Set up a little mini bar in your kitchen or backyard. Treat yourself to some new types of liquor and mixers and go crazy making your own cocktails! Whether you want to use Pinterest for recipes or make your own concoctions, this is a super fun way to spend an evening (just don’t go overboard, be safe, and never drink and drive.)

How are you making the most of this strange Summer? Have you tried any of our suggestions? If not, will you try any of them? Let us know how you’re making the best of these very odd times, and have a safe and fulfilling remainder of Summer 2020!

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