Crazy Rich Asians & Stephanos

Crazy Rich Asians & Stephanos

A Golden Globe nominated movie “Crazy Rich Asians” was one of the top box office movies of 2018. Definitely one of the most popular movies among my girlfriends here in California. I was fortunate to live in Singapore and Malaysia for 20 years and watching the scenes in the movie brought me some wonderful nostalgic feelings. The story is a simple love comedy that perfectly captures the outlandish characters, society and times of Southeast Asia.

The story for Crazy Rich Asians is based in Singapore but a lot of the movie was shot in Malaysian locations that we often visited while living there. British Colonial buildings, jungles and some of the most beautiful beach resorts used in the film have special memories for our family and for Stephano's jewelry where our first season launches and events took place.

Carcosa Seri Negara which was featured in the movie as the ancestral Singapore estate of Eleanor Young, mother of Nick the movies dashing boyfriend was, in reality, the home of Sir Frank Swettenham the first British High Commissioner to Malaya. Carcosa Seri Negara plays a very import part of history for Stephanos Jewelry too. Stephanos attended a lot of charity bazaars in Malaysia, the most popular Le Marché de Noël being held every year at Carcosa Seri Negara. Participating in Le Marché de Noël as a vendor, Stephanos has been contributing to this charity since we launched in 2006. Stephanos met a lot of customers and buyers at this event and it is also the place where Stephanos met our Asian Representative. We have beautiful and fond memories of Stephanos early years at Carcosa Seri Negara

Langkawi island is the movie backdrop for Colin Khoo’s lavish bachelor party, while Aramita Lee’s bachelorette party is set in the Four Seasons Resort, an amazing five-star hotel on Langkawi island. Visitors from all over the world come to Langkawi’s beautiful beaches, the island is also well known for its UNESCO World Geopark, one of the best-untouched rainforests of Southeast Asia. Langkawi is such a memorable island for me, we visited once or twice each year with family and friends. Stephanos Jewelry is available at both the Four Seasons hotel( and St Regis Hotel ( With Stephanos Jewelry gaining in popularity, our sales space has doubled at the Four seasons hotel since last year. Maybe the cast and crew of Crazy Rich Asians shopped for Stephanos’ while on location.

The colorful charm of Southeast Asia inspired Stephanos’ design and our story started right there. We have so many beautiful memories of Malaysia and Singapore, I truly hope you are able to visit there one day and experience the wonderful, warm and friendly people who have been part of our lives.

Stephanos' collections are also available at Isetan Department Store in a symbolic tower of Kuala Lumpur, Suria KLCC. 

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Stephanos' Website Launch!

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