How To Choose The Right Necklace

Tassel Necklace

A necklace is a beautiful jewelry center piece that can elevate your outfit.  Choosing the right necklace could seem like a daunting task for some.  There are so many variations of beautiful necklaces ranging from short to long with an endless selection of stones and semi-precious stones. Based on your outfit, and specifically your neckline, we’ve come up with a few simple tips you can use.

If you are styling with a turtleneck, a tassel necklace or semi-long necklace would go wonderfully with it. It should fall right below your bust, adding that wow factor.  Stephanos Versatile Semi-Precious Stone & Pearl Tassel Necklace is available in five colors – Turquoise Blue, Pink Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Black Onyx or Green Jade. Since a turtleneck draws attention away from your neck, this lovely pearl necklace is definitely eye-catching and will be the attention grabber.

If your dress or blouse is a crew neck, choose a choker or short necklace to compliment the neck line. Chokers or short necklaces are usually worn tightly around the neck and can emphasize your neck beautifully. Stephanos Classic Crystal Choker Necklace is a handcrafted and a hand-woven choker made with graceful crystals and a leather style ribbon. A great look for any occasion, this piece will definitely be the talk of the party.

V-neck necklines draws attention to the cleavage or chest and so your necklace should do the same. Try to stay away from necklaces that are too long when you’re wearing a v-neck because it may pull away attention from your neckline. Stephanos Sparkling Tassel Necklace is perfect piece to compliment a v-neck outfit. It is available in five colors – Champagne, Classic Silver, Peach, Midnight Blue or Mat Black. The sparkling tassel is strung with classic pearls and elegant crystals and will add that extra sparkle to your outfit.

Use these simple tips the next time you are choosing the perfect necklace for your outfit. We are always here to help if you reach out we are here for you!

Stephanos Classic Crystal Choker Necklace

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