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It’s that time of year yet again - time to celebrate the amazing women who gave us life, and to celebrate our own motherhood, for those of us fortunate enough to be moms. Never has motherhood and our relationship with our mothers been more important. In times of uncertainty, that’s where you will find the most potent love and the strongest bonds. In troublesome times, the real love in our lives is lit up. It’s because of those we love most that we can see the light at the end of the deep, dark tunnel - and a mother’s love is extra radiant and visible. The love that exists between a mother and child is so intrinsic and powerful that it transcends hardship. This unbreakable bond does not require fancy gifts or even in-person engagement for it to thrive and offer joy. The beauty of that kind of love is that it’s unconditional, always there. It is present across miles. It penetrates geographical borders with a simple phone call. It exists in every corner of our being, omnipresent and indestructible, always ready to induce our healing and give us comfort.

There is no restriction on the love a mother has for her child, nor is there any limit to the love a child has for their mother. Love can be expressed and experienced in so many different ways. We have had to get creative over the past year, and our love for our mothers seems to have only expanded. There are blessings to be found everywhere, and in the heart of a mother, you will find many. 

Dear readers, remember that whether it’s through a phone call, an email, a gift, or a face to face meeting, expressing love for your mother and letting her know how much she means to you will bring her joy regardless of the circumstances. So call your mother. Send her a letter. Have her favorite flowers delivered. If there is distance, set up a video chat. Make her a meal she used to make for you. Buy her a new piece of jewelry, or her favourite perfume. Give her a book about motherhood. Bake her a cake. Make a list of all the things you love about her and all the great lessons she’s taught you over the years. But know that no matter how you celebrate, the best gift you could ever give your mother is Motherhood itself.

With all that being said, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention some of the beautiful gifts you can spoil your mom with this year. We meant what we said about motherhood being the ultimate gift, but material indulgences never hurt either! So if you’re looking for the perfect thing to gift your mom with, we humbly suggest the following:


A hat from Wildfire 

Every woman needs at least one good hat, and Wildfire has an impressive and gorgeous variety. From cowgirl hats to fedoras to beanies to trucker caps, look no further for the perfect hat! Stephanos Jewelry  is also available at Wildfire. 



A shopping bag from Apolis. 

Let mom be on-trend and earth-conscious with a durable and adorable reusable shopping tote from Apolis. There are many different designs to choose from, and each bag is beautiful and super strong. 




This classic is a classic for a reason. Flowers are delicate yet strong, beautiful and resilient, and they are a reminder of beauty and vitality - just like our moms. Send or bring your mom a bouquet bursting with color, and support your local florist in the process. Local to Laguna Beach? Our favorite is Fairytale Flowers. Bonus - Stephanos jewelry is sold there too!



Stephanos jewelry.

Any piece our jewelry is sure to please, as we have something for every style and all tastes. Our modern yet classic jewelry is the perfect choice. Right now we are especially in love with our new Hestia Baroque Pearl Hoop earrings. These stunning earrings feature an elegant baroque pearl which dangles daintily from lavish gold hoops, imparting a luxurious, classic vibe and giving off an irresistible glow. With our special Mother’s Day code LOVEMOM21, you can receive 20 percent off your purchase, including complimentary gift wrapping and free shipping within the US. And if that’s not a reason to get matching Mother/Daughter jewelry, we don’t know what is!



On behalf of the Stephanos Team, who are mothers and daughters themselves, we wish you a very happy and healthy Mother’s Day. Please join us Saturday May 15th-16th for a Spring Pop-Up showcasing L.A.s’ best emerging brands.Hosted by Unique Markets, this event is a great place to get a Mother’s Day gift (who says we can’t still be celebrating a week later?) and to stock up on the best products that L.A. artisans have to offer. Stop by and say hello, and treat yourself and your mom to some dazzling, handmade pearl jewelry!

Can’t make it in person? Check out our website, filled with timeless pearl jewelry like our new 

With love to you and your mother,


Written by Stephanos staff writer Stephanie Deline 

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